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You can obtain 50% more EXP in the World Battle than in scenarios. Therefore after level 40, you mainly level up by completing Faction Quests, instead of just EXP scenarios. You can obtain different EXP rewards according to the number of kills in the Battle.

Defeat Baylon at level 46. This is the first red general you can recruit at this stage. Must recruit.

[Key features]

lvl45 / defeat Sherdon / opens Arms Upgrade 2 / units upgraded to lvl3. Increases combat force and recruitment consumption

lvl46 / defeat Baylon / opens Treasure Trove 1 / increases the treasure chest rewards for the number of kills. Increases the killing target at the same time.

lvl46 / defeat Baylon / recruit Baylon / the first quality General; must recruit

lvl48 / defeat Keller / opens Formation 2 / increases 1 platoon for generals

lvl49 / complete "defeat Machen" quest / unlocks Black Flame / significantly enhance all attack

lvl49 / complete "Keller legion" quest / unlocks Bumper Harvest / hourly rewards turn diamond into foods

[Main EXP source]

EXP Scenario Recommended Level: ★★★★★

Defeat General Ianthe at level 43 "Koffland EXP Scenario" appears.

Defeat Baylon at level 46 and the new "Lolland EXP Scenario" appears.

Faction Quest Recommended Level: ★★★★☆

Faction Quests are activated three times daily from 10:00-12:00, 15:00-17:00, and 20:00-22:00. You can obtain large amounts of EXP by participating in Faction Quests.

[Recommended Generals]

Baylon (Red General, required level: 46) Recommended Level: ★★★★★

Tactics: Assault Attack Range: 3 platoons Attributes: Intelligence 30 Strength 65 Terrain of Advantage: Plains

Key Points: Please research "Arms Upgrade 2" technology before attacking Baylon. First red General; must recruit! You can replace the existing General specializing in plains terrain.

Precautions – Weaponary

You need to use Valyrian steel through prayers and capture the city Draketon to upgrade weapons. Attack, Defense, and number of soldiers (Valor) increase after upgrading weapons. It is recommended that players who have the ability to borrow troops upgrade their number of soldiers, because the number of casualties will affect the amount of EXP obtained. Those who cannot borrow troops can upgrade their attack and defenses first, in order to gain more EXP under conditions with limited food.

Explore the world of Thieden on 37Games!