STEPHEN: I woke up in the healing tent at the forward post in Midsummer Hall. I was in terrible pain and had many injuries, including a pounding headache, which they told me was from a very bad head wound. At first I didn’t know who I was, didn’t know where I was, or how I had gotten there. They told me my name was Stephen and that I was a general in the faction army, that I’d fallen from a cliff next to Brotham, and due to my head injury had lost my memory. I asked them to tell me something about myself and what happened and here is the story they told me.

SOLDIER: You started out early in the Albion army, working very hard and earning lots of notice and acclaim for our side. You rose through the ranks and your devotion to your battalions earned you their love and respect. There was a heated battle between all the factions. Draketon needed to be secured in order to maintain the control, so the gates at Piketon and Blackwater were besieged in order to hold the territory. Piketon kept being overrun by massive amounts of troops so the King ordered scouting parties to scale the cliffs near Brotham to spy on the Nords. Upon reaching the peak of the cliffs, you were ambushed by spies from the Gorms and during the ensuing skirmish you fell off the cliffs. Soldiers patrolling near Brotham discovered you unconscious at the foot of the cliffs and brought you to the healing tent. Your injuries were grave; we didn’t know if you would survive or not, but eventually you regained consciousness and we are working on getting you better. It will be a while before you can fight again but you will soon be back on the battle field to avenge your attackers!