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Publication Information
Developer AST
Publisher 37Games
Release 2014
Genre Strategy game
Platform Web-based

Siegelord is a medieval themed free-to-play browser game published by 37Games. It is a real time strategy game where you will join one of three factions in the struggle for the lands of Thieden. The continent is in utter turmoil as each side vies for ultimate control of the land. Be a barbarian and pick the Nord’s Alliance as you guide these stout, battle-hardened warriors of the north. Direct the last bastion of civility in the once prosperous Kingdom of Albion. Or, you can link up with evil and join the malevolent forces that are the Empire of Gorm.

Siegelord takes elements of RPG games and perfectly blends them with a classic strategy game feel. Players will be able to recruit generals based on their skill sets and outfit them with loot found throughout the battlefields on the world map. Further on in the campaign for Thieden players can forge their own gear and endow their armor with powerful enhancements. Players battle for supremacy in a 24/7 live, persistent world. Choose your side, for the land of Thieden is no place for those meek at heart!

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Siegelord by 37Games

Siegelord by 37Games

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