There are four basic resources in Siegelord, Food, Timber, Gold and Iron. The four resources have different functions and are of different importance at different stages.


You can obtain resources from Farm (Food), Sawmill (Timber) and Dwellings (Gold) in the early stage of the game. You can also obtain resources as war supplies or from in-game events and fan page events. Some resources can be exchanged in the market or black market. The higher your level is, the more ways you’ll have to obtain resources.

The usages of each resource is as follows:

Gold: important in-game currency, can be used to purchase equipment, participate in the investment faction quest, purchase items (mostly resources) from the market, bribe barbarians, increase manor level (donate to manor), recruit generals/wizards, upgrade buildings and abilities (like some lower torture levels), and exchange for other resources in the black market.

Timber: necessary when you upgrade buildings and build phantoms.

Food: frequently used in recruiting, scenario quests, red battles, solo-campaigns and faction wars.

Iron: raw material used to upgrade the treasures and buy gems.

All resources are used at various times to invest in research upgrades.