Siegelord, the fantasy SLG from 37Games, recently was voted to be the Most Anticipated Game of 2015 on MMOSite. The Seigelord team is ecstatic about the games popularity among players and will continue dedicating themselves to providing best gaming experience for players. This March, Siegelord will bring players new systems, including Black Smith, Generals, Armors, and loads of things to explore!

Siegelord blacksmith

The Level cap is increased to 110. Players above Level 100 will have the chance to challenge the new Scenario, Na Liya Gulf. New generals with better specs and 2 new fancy armor sets are also added to the late game content, which will definitely help players conquer more. What is most expected is the new Blacksmith system (available at Lv.101) in which players will be able to obtain Iron and craft new weapons.

Siegelord is a medieval based strategy game based in the fictional world of Thieden. The continent is in utter turmoil as three factions vie for complete control of the land. Be a barbarian and pick the Nord’s Alliance as you guide these stout, battle-hardened warriors of the north. Direct the last bastion of civility in the once prosperous Kingdom of Albion. Or, you can link up with evil and join the malevolent forces that are the Empire of Gorm.

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