37Games Easter Event 2015 is finally online! If this opportunity was taken the full use, you can gain a lot of Siegelord resources for free. At this time, i will give you detailed guidance on how to get as many resources as possible step by step.

Two events

Step one- Enter the Event page: Step two- log in with facebook account.  Step three- There are two events listed there. Read the rules of each event carefully. You need first figure out what are the main themes of each event. Since I have read all through, let me tell you in brief. 

Event one is all about collecting eggs with which you can redeem gift package in event two.

Event one rules

Each day, you have two chances of playing the mini game for collecting eggs. One is free but the other needs you to spare a little effort-  just click the share button to share the event page with your friends. From my experience, you can collect 38 eggs each time, which means every day you can reap 38*2=76 eggs. 

Event two rules1

According to the redeem rules, you can get 50 eggs each time you invited your friends to register on 37Games successfully, but  no matter how many eggs you've got in the end through free chance, sharing or inviting, each package can be redeemed only once. 

In other words,  to redeem the two packages of Siegelord, you need just 800 eggs, extra eggs will be useless. The event lasts for 10 days, which means just through one free chance and one share chance, you can get 10*76=760 eggs. Still short of 40 eggs? Now apply the inviting chance. It's a piece of cake to invite one friend to register and play, isn't it? 

In total, It's so so so easy to get 800 eggs. It's also so so so easy to get all the free siegelord resources. 

Event two rules2

Step Four- After you've made clear of what effort you need to spare, just take action- Play the mini-entertaining game from now on! Don't forget check your rewards and redeem the gift package code in the corresponding game. 

Siegelord official site:

You can also refer to the guidance in video here: