Hangred the famous lumberjack hailing from the mountains of the Nordic lands. He's a very big man but really gentle and he shows great love and affection for the animals. Legend has it that just a simple shout from his lungs can make the biggest of trees fall.

When the war started he was forced to fight for the Nords. He did very well defending the northern lands but unfortunately was captured by General Galvius when he found himself ambushed in swamp terrain. There, he became a prisoner and then became a Gladiator. He disliked fighting men without a purpose but he was nevertheless forced to fight for winning gladiatorial battles will increase your chances to be freed. Quickly he was the crowd’s favorite because of the strength and fortitude that he displayed in battle. Hangred is unbeatable in close range battle. Although his special ability is quite limited in range, it can instantly kill or leave opponents in critical condition.

On the fateful day of the last battle, Hangred was surprised to find that he was slated to battle not a fellow gladiator but the legendary beast Fenrir. The battle was fierce but in the end Hangred was able to defeat the beast. He took the fangs of Fenrir and carefully crafted them into a helmet.

Thus he was granted freedom and consequently wandered the lands of Thieden. A lot of factions try to buy his services and you might get a chance to convince him provided that you somehow have defeat him in a duel.