Faction quest: Investment is a "special" faction quest. Special faction quests generally happen once a day and can be one of many others. One of the possibilities is the investment quest, a simple one where the goal is to be the faction with the highest gold invested.

Mechanics Edit

The faction quest lasts 90 minutes, and involves the players of each faction to donate gold. One donation is 10,000 gold, and rewards 10,000 points and 2000 exp.

Convoys spawn as soon as the quest starts, killing these convoys gets you double investment vouchers. Using these while donating doubles the rewards, to 20,000 points and 4000 exp, and costing 10,000 gold still.

Each donation increases your "timer" by 1 minute, if the timer exceeds 10 minutes, you cannot donate.

Spending diamonds allows you to bypass the timer at a cost of 11 diamonds to reset the timer.

While it may seem infinite, there are "rounds" for this quest, each round has a maximum amount of gold donated. If this maximum amount is reached, no player on the faction will be able to donate until the next round starts.

The gold invested is shown on the faction quest page for all factions. At the end, the faction with most gold invested is the "winner" and gains faction points. The second highest gains slightly less points, while the lowest gains none.

The vouchers for this quest can be saved for the next time the quest appears, and sometimes scouts carry these during off faction quest hours.