Faction quest: encirclement is a bonus faction quest added on 9/18/15. It can be activated at any time 9:30am to 9:30 PM by reducing a faction's city count to under 35. In addition, the faction that started the quest will have a city to defend. This quest can be activated once a day, and cannot be started during a faction quest, since the encirclement itself counts as a faction quest.

Mechanics Edit

As soon as a faction's city hits 35, the quest pops up for the faction that reduced the opposing faction's city count. It involves further reducing the city count to 14. The remaining faction gets a quest to siege a city owned by the initiator.

This can happen while elite guards, scouts, or faction quest NPCS are in effect making it challenging to complete.

Upon competion of the quest, a followup quest appears involving keeping the city count under 14.

Around 20 guards will be spawned during the second phase for the defending city making this task extremely hard.

The initiator of the event will have a city to guard, this city will have no extra NPC and this requires players to defend.

There is a time limit of 1 hour.

Successfully taking the initiator's city nets the other two factions two faction points.

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