Faction quest: point contest is a "special" faction quest. Special faction quests generally happen once a day and can be one of many others. One of the possibilities is the point contest. The point contest lasts 90 minutes and consists of each player fighting for the number one spot in a one on one battle fest.

Mechanics Edit

There are three enemy players chosen to fight, one giving 10, one giving 15 and one giving 25 points. On average, the stronger players give more points. The opponents will not be players on your faction.

You have a much higher chance of beating the opponent in a point contest than in the field. The opponent's will always randomly choose their talent, and their tactic attack will always be used at the last possible moment. Nadric/Freya can easily block a tactic simply by confusing the enemy with less than 3 rows.

The 25 point opponent is generally the one with the highest points on the opposing factions.

If you lose a battle, you still receive points, if you get attacked and lose, you lose 1 point. Being attacked and winning nets no points.

The player at the end with the highest points nets their faction 4 points, second place two and third place one. If 2 or 3 players on the same faction are in the top 3, they get no additional points.

Taking damage in the contest will require food and recruiting horns to recover, unlike cross server contests.

Your troops will gain EXP in the contest, but it will not be affected by manor, sword of light, or any other exp bonuses.

You will be considered "attacking" and relevant gem skills will be active.

This faction quest rewards frostflowers for the gem association.