You may deploy a maximum of 5 Generals into each battle. Generals have their own strengths and abilities, so change the order of Generals deployed before the battle starts to find a perfect match. Also, real-time tactical combat is used for the battle system; therefore, you need to command your generals according to the actual situation on the battlefield and choose the right tactics.

 Battle process (PVE)

Change the deployment of Generals before the battle.


Use appropriate tactics to restrict the enemy's tactics during the battle and increase the damage of your opening strike. Defense (red circle) beats Assault (blue triangle) beats Attack (yellow square) beats Defense. If the unit is fighting on their preferred terrain, they may gain enhanced options (such as the Defense option below) that not only deal more damage, but will overwhelm and defeat its unenhanced version.

The center button is for the General's Tactics ability, a one-shot ability that inflicts damage to between one and four of the enemy's rows.

Each row of troops is counted as a unit. A row moves forward once the previous row is defeated.

Battle process (PVP)

Click on a city to move one of your generals or summon them all to that city.


If the battle has already started before you enter, then your general(s) will queue and wait to be deployed.

In the above picture, two squads of Harold Phantoms are in battle, and the other two phantoms and all three guard squads are in the queue.

Choose appropriate tactics like in PVE combats.

There are several ways to make PVP combat more fun.

Battle bar

First, you can start a duel. A duel is a one to one fight with one of the enemy generals. Both your general and the opposing general cannot be in combat (crossed swords in the queue) in order to duel.

Second, you can choose to "Rush" to an enemy city adjacent to your current city. You may only rush with generals in the queue, and your faction needs to massively outnumber the enemy faction (over 3:1, reduced to over 2:1 via technology) to be able to rush.

Also, you can release phantoms which are duplicates of your generals - however you cannot chose the tactics used nor use auto battle for these duplicates.

If you would like to end a battle earlier, you can also choose to retreat” any generals in the queue to a city your faction owns nearby, but you will lose a few troops in the process.